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Baker, Steven J.

Name:Baker, Steven J.
Practice In: Accident & Injury ,Personal Injury ,Wrongful Death ,Business Law ,Insurance
Law Firm: Steven J. Baker, P.A.
Location:15 West La Rua Street
Pensacola, FL 32501
Fax: 850-434-7253

Mr. Baker has 20 years of litigation experience with private law firms in addition to extensive experience with the federal and District of Columbia governments. His practice is primarily litigation in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia courts and administrative agencies. In addition to his extensive experience in the field of workers’ compensation in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, Mr. Baker is involved in civil litigation cases regarding personal injury and domestic relations and also practices criminal law.

Mr. Baker has tried over 1,000 workers’ compensation hearings in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. As one of the original workers’ compensation hearing examiners in the District of Columbia, Mr. Baker has presided over hundreds of workers’ compensation cases. Many of his original decisions were affirmed by the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and have significant precedential value at this time.

Recently, Mr. Baker has been successful in obtaining benefits for injured workers who sustained compensable consequence injuries outside of the workplace due to their work injuries. In two recent cases, the insurance carriers reversed their positions and accepted claims as being compensable shortly after Mr. Baker entered his appearance on behalf of the injured workers. With his detailed knowledge of workers’ compensation law in three different jurisdictions, Mr. Baker is able to advise clients as to which jurisdictions may be more beneficial to their case. In addition to workers’ compensation cases, Mr. Baker has significant trial experience in civil litigation in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia courts. He has successfully argued appeals for the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, the Virginia Court of Appeals, and the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.

Mr. Baker works hard to aggressively represent his clients. At the same time, he strives to work with opposing parties to reach resolutions that are in the best interests of his clients.

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