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Callahan, James D.

Name:Callahan, James D.
Practice In: Government ,Social Security
Law Firm: Callahan Law Firm
Location:2138 Ashley Phosphate Road Suite 102
North Charleston, SC 29406
Fax: 843-329-4043

John P. Cahill, Jr. has been licensed since graduating from Baylor in 1984.  He focuses and concentrates his practice in the representation of architects, engineers, surveyors, real estate agents and brokers and handles, in general, all matters related to construction issues.  He has represented contractors and subcontractors.  In addition to defending clients involved in disputes, Mr. Cahill assists clients in connection with risk management before the project begins.  He is actively involved in assisting clients in contract negotiations with a mind, not only towards an efficient project, but also towards risk management and protecting his clients in the event that there is a subsequent dispute.  He also assists clients in connection with risk management, performing in-house seminars and risk management presentations to help to avoid problems arising from projects and transactions.  Mr. Cahill has spoken not only to clients, but also to the National Defense Research Institute Construction Law Seminar on two occasions, 2012 and 2005.  In 2012, he discussed utilizing contracts and statutory defenses in defending design professionals.  In 2005, he addressed the Conference on how to use contracts to defend design professionals in litigation.  He has also spoken before the Houston Bar Association Construction Law Section, the Foundation Performance Association, and the Houston Chapter of the American Concrete Institute.  Mr. Cahill’s focus and practice recognize the fact that, no matter how much risk management is undertaken, situations arise.  His practice has been a wide range, covering disputes regarding the design and construction of residential foundations, the sale of homes, to the North Line Mall collapse and the 1987 explosion at the Hoechst Celanese Plant in Pampa, Texas.  His client base ranges from individual architects and engineers to small, medium and large architectural and engineering firms.  He has done work directly for these firms, in addition to representing clients through insurance carrier contacts.  In addition to a design professional base, Mr. Cahill has represented numerous real estate agents and brokers.  While a significant part of that representation has involved litigation, he has also been involved in resolving contract disputes and assisting and facilitating transactions that have had issues arise and have had closings at risk. 

In addition to handling litigated matters, Mr. Cahill has also represented licensed professionals in connection with state investigative matters and appeared before the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners.  He has assisted and represented clients in connection with investigations by the Texas Real Estate Commission and the Texas Workforce Commission.

Mr. Cahill has determined that one of the best ways to represent a client in litigation is to assist the client, as often as possible, in avoiding litigation.

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