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Callahan, Jennifer Timmeney

Name:Callahan, Jennifer Timmeney
Practice In: Employment ,Workers' Compensation
Law Firm: Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin
Location:P.O. Box 3118
Scranton, PA 18505
Fax: (570) 496-0567

The realization that you have a fearless and confident criminal defense attorney who has handled the most serious of violent crimes and sex charges, and has also expertly handled every conceivable type of traffic case creates a tremendous advantage for you. Kevin Cahill has represented clients in nearly every conceivable type of criminal case, many of which were taken to trial with extremely favorable results. While Mr. Cahill is considered one of the leading authorities at the law firm when it comes to Sex Crimes, Domestic Violence, Restraining Orders, and Violent Crimes, some of the many other charges that he has taken to trial include: Burglary, Menacing, Criminal Mischief, Indecent Exposure, Assault in the 3rd Degree, Sex Assault on a Child (SAOC), Attempted Murder, DUI, and the list goes on and on.

Every case is unique, and when handling your criminal or traffic charges, Mr. Cahill knows that the most important step is listening to you and gaining a true understanding and appreciation of your specific situation. Whether it's a high-profile felony or a first-time misdemeanor, or even maybe a simple traffic case that may cost you your Driver’s License at the DMV, Kevin Cahill is passionate about defending your rights, using his experience and expertise to help you gain the justice and results that you deserve.

After earning his bachelor's degree in economics from Wake Forest University, Kevin Cahill attended the University of Denver School of Law where he graduated in 2005. After years of honing his skills, and upon discovering his true passion for litigation, Mr. Cahill began specializing in domestic relations and criminal defense. Thereafter, he joined a large firm in the metro area where his focus shifted to serious and violent crimes, sex crimes, traffic and DUI. During this time, Mr. Cahill perfected the skills necessary to excel in the practice of criminal law while his work in courtrooms all over the state have helped him develop the network of relationships in the criminal justice system that any client wishes their attorney had. A proven litigator, Mr. Cahill has successfully represented clients in courts throughout the state of Colorado as well as in administrative hearings in front of the DMV. Mr. Cahill is a proud father and husband and a member of the Colorado Bar Association, the Denver Bar Association, and the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar.

If you are facing criminal charges, or even the threat of criminal charges, it is time to call Kevin Cahill at Shazam Kianpour & Associates today and let him get to work for you.

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