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Casarotto, Janice

Name:Casarotto, Janice
Practice In: Bankruptcy & Debt ,Bankruptcy ,Divorce & Family Law ,Family Law ,Estate ,Estate Planning ,Lawsuit & Dispute ,Litigation
Law Firm: Casarotto Law Firm
Location:65 East Broadway Street Suite 400
Butte, MT 59701

Robert Carver is a real estate attorney practicing eminent domain/condemnation law and property tax/tax certiorari law in New York. Robert Carver is affiliated with Emmet, Marvin & Martin, LLP, a full service law firm that is over 200 years old.

Robert Carver is a former Assistant Chief of the Condemnation and Tax Certiorari Division of the New York City Law Department and a former commercial real estate appraiser. He is experienced in all phases of litigation concerning  the valuation of real estate, including trials and appeals. In addition, he has successfully negotiated settlement of over-assessment claims on thousands of properties. Clients include large institutional owners, business owners, and individual owners, of commercial, industrial and multifamily residential real estate and vacant land.

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