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Leahy, Joseph J.

Name:Leahy, Joseph J.
Practice In: Business Law ,Administrative Law ,Estate ,Real Estate
Law Firm: Leahy, Van Vactor, Cox & Melendy, LLP
Location:188 West B Street, Building N
Springfield, OR 97477
Fax: 541-746-4109

Javier G. Vazquez-Segarra, is a Limited Member at Goldman Antonetti & Cordova, LLC in the Labor and Employment Law Department. The principal areas of practice of Attorney Vazquez-Segarra are: labor-related claims; discrimination; harassment; terminations; wage & hour claims; and claims under federal laws such as Title VII, American with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination and Employment Act, ERISA and other laws related to employee benefits.  He has worked in the preparation and presentation of seminars and trainings for several organizations in Puerto Rico.


Attorney Vazquez-Segarra has contributed in several published articles.  He participated actively in the publication of the “Labor and Employment Laws in Puerto Rico, American Bar Association, International & Employment Laws” and in the articles titled “Workplace Violence: Its Legal Perspective and its Socio-Economic Impact” and “Best Practices for Handling Discrimination Suits: From working with new clients to changes in relevant laws.”  Also he is a member of the working team that publishes the Business Law Developments Newsletter of the Firm where he holds the position of Senior Staff Editor.

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